EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in
Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy
University of Nottingham

Formal training

The training programme is geared to preparing Research Engineers to work in multi-disciplinary teams, to function as effective members of complex organisations, to analyse the overall economic context of projects and to be aware of the social, ethical and environmental implications. The programme comprises two parts:

1. Compulsory modules

  • Taught modules primarily in the Autumn Semester of year 1
  • Research training spread over the first 2 years

2. Optional modules (30 credits), available in the

  • Spring Semester, year 1
  • Autumn Semester, year 2

By the end of the second year, all Research Engineers will have completed the formal training programme of 180 credits.

The taught programme is designed to give all Research Engineers a blend of advanced technical, contextual and technology management skills to prepare for both doctoral research and for career within industry.

Compulsory Modules

Module Title




Power Generation and Carbon Capture


Weekly 2 hour lecture,

over 11 weeks

Dept of Chemical and

Env. Engineering (Nottingham)

Energy Systems and Policy


Two intensive week blocks

School of Sociology and Social Policy (Nottingham)

Commercialisation of Research


Intensive week block

Loughborough University

Research and Professional Skills


Module run over 2 years

Graduate School (Nottingham)

Presentation and Team Skills


Intensive week block

University of Birmingham

Industrial Case Studies


Intensive week block

Loughborough University

Industrial Mini-Project


Module run over semester 1, year 1

Registering University

Pilot-scale Facilities Training


Two intensive week blocks

Beighton and Buxton

Communication and Public Engagement


Various sessions in semester 2, year 1

University of Nottingham

Research Project Portfolio Parts I and II


Various research training activities

Registering University

International Placement


Intensive block in year 2

Any overseas laboratory or international conferences chosen by student


Optional Modules

Research Engineers have a wide selection from any relevant Masters level modules across the three Universities. From this platform, the Research Engineers were then required to choose elective modules closely allied to their doctoral research, again a mix of advanced technical, contextual and management knowledge.

In addition to the formal training programme, there is the opportunity to receive in-company training aligned with the research project.

Please note that programme details may be subject to change. For full module information, please contact us.

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Carbon Capture and Storage and Cleaner Fossil Energy

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